How To Test The Purity of Gold?

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This is a common thing that whenever there is a need for money people just decide to trade the valuables and don’t think about how much it can pay. The same thing happens with maximum peoples and this results in low returns it is not correct to say that it is only the mistake of the second-hand jewelry buyers because sometimes the seller being overconfident needs a high amount for his ornament without knowing its qualities. You must be knowledgeable about your item before you go for such a small business.

Ways To Check The Purity of Gold

If you are thinking of selling gold for cash and wish to know if articles are fake or real, then the simplest way is the skin test - yes, you can observe the skin of the person using it, if it has been affected like some color or some rashes are there, then the item is not real and you are not going to get a better price for it.

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The next is the stamp test that is very common and if any people try to cheat the gold buyers in Gurgaon they caught them because they know that maximum of the articles are punched with a stamp that has information about the purity and checking it anyone can know about it if there is avoided the marks written as HGP, HEG, GP because these are fake marks obtained by the fraudsters only believe on the hallmarks.

The third and reliable techniques are with the help of magnets as we all know pure articles will not get attracted to magnets and you can also see that most gold dealers use this method for testing the purity of ornaments.

The next is the way that is not easy to do at home but still, you can try if you have nitric acid but for this, you have to make a hole in the ornament and keep the drop of the acid in the place and if the color of the item will not change if it is the real one and it will be changing the color if it is fake.

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